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Distances between the main Cities in Cyprus

The distance between cities in Cyprus in below table is a straight line distance (flying or air distance) between the two locations.
This distance may be different from the actual travel distance as in many cases several alternative routes are possible. Your driver will chose the fastest & safest option.

Distance From City Distance To City Distance (km)
Nicosia (Nicosia) Limassol (Limassol) 62.55
Larnaca (Larnaca) Famagusta (Famagusta) 37.28
Paphos () Kyrenia (Kyrenia) 103.91
Morphou (Nicosia) Aradhippou (Larnaca) 61.19
Paralimni (Famagusta) Lefka (Nicosia) 103.4
Yeri (Nicosia) Ypsonas (Limassol) 62.4
Dhali (Nicosia) Xeri (Nicosia) 10.67
Livadhia (Larnaca) Dhromolaxia (Larnaca) 9.33
Lapithos (Kyrenia) Rizokarpaso (Famagusta) 112.15
Dherinia (Famagusta) Emba (Paphos) 142.68
Trikomo (Famagusta) Athienou (Larnaca) 40.18
Sotira (Limassol) Avgorou (Famagusta) 94.95
Liopetri (Famagusta) Kolossi (Limassol) 95.52
Pano Polemidhia (Limassol) Khlorakas (Paphos) 55.28
Xylotymbou (Larnaca) Phrenaros (Famagusta) 16.17
Voroklini (Larnaca) Kiti (Larnaca) 16.66
Kokkini Trimithia (Nicosia) Lefkoniko (Famagusta) 49.82
Moutayiaka (Limassol) Ayia Napa (Famagusta) 87.46
Akaki (Nicosia) Lythrodhondas (Nicosia) 25.41
Astromeritis (Nicosia) Peyia (Paphos) 66.14
Lympia (Nicosia) Ayios Tykhonas (Larnaca) 42.33
Peristerona (Nicosia) Athna (Famagusta) 64.6
Pano Dheftera (Nicosia) Polis (Paphos) 76.25
Kornos () Perivolia (Larnaca) 20.24
Akhyritou (Famagusta) Kato Dheftera (Nicosia) 53.09
Distance From City
Distance To City
Distance (km)
Ergates (Nicosia) Tala (Paphos) 77.87
Klirou (Nicosia) Leonarisso (Famagusta) 100.71
Kyperounda (Limassol) Erimi (Limassol) 29.21
Kissonerga (Paphos) Pyla (Larnaca) 119.92
Psomolophou () Pyrgos (Larnaca) 36.4
Parekklisha (Larnaca) Kophinou (Larnaca) 22.7
Kakopetria (Nicosia) Mesoyi (Paphos) 45.07
Meneou (Larnaca) Pelendria (Limassol) 55.39
Alambra (Nicosia) Kato Pyrgos (Nicosia) 68.57
Mosphiloti (Larnaca) Aradhiou (Nicosia) 23.77
Mammari () Pissouri (Limassol) 71.06
Troulli (Larnaca) Psevdhas (Larnaca) 16.82
Pera (Nicosia) Meniko (Nicosia) 12.91
Tersephanou (Larnaca) Pakhna (Limassol) 68.97
Pano Lefkara (Larnaca) Konia (Paphos) 77.76
Timi (Paphos) Agros (Limassol) 49.98
Evrykhou (Nicosia) Argaka (Paphos) 36.63
Alethriko (Larnaca) Mazotos (Larnaca) 5.92
Polemi (Paphos) Yiolou (Paphos) 4.44
Palodhia (Limassol) Mitsero (Nicosia) 34.69
Akrotiri (Limassol) Tsadha (Paphos) 51.46
Pano Kividhes (Limassol) Kouklia (Paphos) 25.34
Orounda (Nicosia) Anaphotia (Larnaca) 45.88
Galata (Nicosia) Kalavasos (Larnaca) 44.5
Evdhimou (Limassol) Mathiatis (Larnaca) 60.18